Thursday, June 18, 2009

New Beginnings

Being a military family means we always have new beginnings. Tuesday night was no different, my kiddos went to youth group. This is the part that always seems hard, attending church is one thing, much easier. But getting involved with others, making friends, planting roots, that is always much harder to do. So I will now follow in their steps and start stepping out of my shell.
I prayed about it, and for them, not knowing how it would go. But they both came home and said they were glad they went, and wanted to go again. I can only say no matter how much we move or how many new beginnings we have to endure, we have one constant in our lives that is unchanging. Our Lord, Our Rock. Thank you for being the God that you are.

Enjoy life

Fresh Bread and yummy pecan pie.

I have taken to making our bread from scratch. It tastes so much better than store bought. I use an easy recipe and mix the dough in my kitchen aide mixer. It tastes so good when it is warm.
Here is the cute guys birthday pie. A derby pie, pecan and chocolate chips. Delicious! Odd thought we should dress it up a bit.