Saturday, December 4, 2010

New Christmas Stockings

Yesterday at the thrift store I found a canvas shower curtain (which was purchased for another project, more on that later) that I knew I needed. After getting home I kept having visions of Christmas stockings... I didn't like my dollar store stockings from a few years ago!! :) So after a few hours of trying to resist the stocking visions, I succumbed to the whimsy of whipping up a few. I used the canvas and traced out the stockings. Then decided to dress them up with a little Christmas cheer. I drew little embellishments out with pencil (so it would wash away). I did four designs because that is all that are left at home. Here they are...

A Christmas tree in a pot.
A fluffy snowman!

A cute little raindeer!

And last but not least, a Christmas Wreath!

For now (mostly to get a picture) they hang on my book case.

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